Yahoo Mail Draws Complaints On Service

Yahoo Mail suffered service issues on Thursday, judging by caustic comments on Down Detector.

“Here we ago again,” writes one user. “Two days in a row & mail won't load. Getting off this unprofessional, unreliable mickey mouse operation once & for all.”

“Yahoo Mail sluggish for several days,” writes another. “Impossible to use in any reasonable manner.”

Another user writes, “Cant receive or send, cant access on laptop, ipad or phone, but can access on Fire tablet. What is the problem and when can we expect it to be fixed?”

It’s not clear whether the Yahoo issues are related to a general internet slowdown that occurred this week. And the number of complaints is relatively small. Yahoo did not comment on the alleged issues in its service Tweet.

Still, the affected users are aggravated.

“No Yahoo Mail access since about 8:00 this morning,” states one. “I'm running Chrome and Gmail works fine. In light of the ‘new, improved’ (and expensive) Yahoo Mail hocus-pocus coming up, I suspect I'll be switching everything to Gmail anyway.”

Another comments: “Yes i run my business with this email and have for 15 years but this is unacceptable.”




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