New Facial Recognition System Launching At CES

A new facial recognition technology will be introduced at CES in Las Vegas in January.

The facial recognition access control product from Dusun Electron uses video and infrared cameras along with machine leaning to identify features, according to the company.

The facial recognition system captures facial images via digital camera and other sensors and then verifies the identify of a person using a machine learning algorithm.

Dusun said its facial recognition access control product provides an accurate recognition rate of 99.9% and speeds of half a second from about three feet away.

The system has a self-learning algorithm that can compensate for face changes from aging.

"Access control and personnel identification are becoming very important to ensure that our living and work spaces are secure,” stated Dusun CEO Benny Chan. “Utilizing facial recognition as the basis of an access control system of IoT for granting physical access has many advantages over card reader-based access.”

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