Online Grocery Shoppers Drawn To Smart Speakers

Online grocery shoppers seem attracted to smart home speakers.

Based on a new global research, consumers who shop for groceries online are more likely to use or plan to purchase a voice-controlled smart speaker, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Online grocery shoppers are defined as those who say they have main or joint responsibility for the household food shopping and have purchased a grocery product online in the past six months, according to the study by Global Web Index.

The study comprised a survey of 78,000 internet users 16 to 64 years old, including 25,000 online grocery shoppers.

More than half (56%) of online shoppers say they either currently use a voice-controlled smart speaker or plan to purchase one within the next six months.

Of internet users who are not online grocery shoppers, fewer than half (47%) use a voice-activated smart speaker nor plan to purchase one within the next six months, putting this group 19% ahead of the average interest for smart speakers.

The trend is the same across regions of the world, with engagement peaking in Africa and the Middle East, according to Global Web Index.

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