Drift Offers New Email Platform To Help Marketers Avoid Repetitive, Irrelevant Messages

Drift, the provider of a conversational marketing and sales platform, has introduced Drift Sequences, an email service designed to improve the customer experience and help B2B sales reps avoid sending repetitive or irrelevant messages.

Drift Sequences will automatically un-enroll recipients if they have booked a meeting with a sales rep, or if they have replied to an email, the company says.

In addition, the product’s natural language processing function will also opt people out of future emails based on their replies, supplanting the old process of having them take multiple steps on an email preferences page.

The new email sales platform is based on the “context of conversations beyond what’s happening via email, which allows sales reps to be smarter about the emails they’re sending and ultimately get better results,” states Craig Daniel, VP of product for Drift.

“Prospects have all of the power in the buying process today,” adds David Cancel, Drift founder and CEO. “They dictate to companies how they want to be served and what information they need in order to make a purchase, and that means sales reps can no longer just blast out emails to a list of prospects and hope for the best.”

He adds: “That’s a terrible experience for potential customers and it just becomes a numbers game for the sales rep.”

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