Adobe Campaign Now Supports Hadoop Big Data Framework

Adobe announced the addition of a Hadoop connector to Adobe Campaign this week, giving marketers access to a new array of data to funnel into email marketing campaigns. 

Adobe Campaign is a set of digital marketing solutions within the Adobe Experience Cloud that enables Adobe customers to develop and deliver personalized marketing campaigns across online and offline channels. Adobe’s email marketing capabilities lie within Adobe Campaign, including email automation, predicted open rates, multilingual support, and Sensei-driven subject line recommendations.

Data stored in Hadoop, a Big Data software framework, can now be incorporated into Adobe Campaign for advanced segmentation and personalization. Hadoop is an open-source software framework for data storage and data processing that runs on low-cost commodity hardware.

The new Hadoop connector to Adobe Campaigngives marketers easy access to their big data to use how they see fit, opening new ways to personalize and thus drive better experiences,” writes Matthew Rawding, product marketing manager at Adobe Campaign, on the company’s blog.

The Hadoop connector expands Adobe customers’ access to Big Data. Adobe Campaign previously built native integrations with database vendors SQL Server, Teradata, Netezza, and Oracle, but marketers could only access Hadoop data if they built and maintained their own integration -- a costly endeavor.

The Hadoop connector was announced alongside several additional new Adobe features for retailers. Adobe revealed several major enhancements to Adobe Commerce, smarter imaging capabilities that adjust and optimize images for different screens in Adobe Experience Manager Assets, and new 3D, panoramic, and VR capabilities. 

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