Reebok's 'Always Classic' Campaign

Reebok Classic has unveiled its Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, titled “Always Classic.” It features a number of the brand’s celebrity representatives who are challenged to, “step up to the global stage to define what ‘Always Classic’ means to them,” according to the brand. 

Among those featured in the campaign are pop star Ariana Grande, supermodel Gigi Hadid, hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd, model Sharina Gutierrez, rapper Lil Yachty, graffiti artists Felipe Pantone and Sany. 

“Our brand has a history of pushing boundaries and the Always Classic campaign is no different. It’s a modern celebration of pioneers, darers and authenticators who are reimagining what it means to be Classic on their own terms and are inviting everyone to do the same,” stated Todd Krinsky, general manager of Reebok Classics. 

Roundhouse helped craft the campaign. Have a look at the creative here.



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