Google Gives Publishers Option To Relinquish Control Of Ad Creation

Machine learning and electronic payments are high on Google's list of changes for AdSense this month. The company is giving publishers an option to not only relinquish control of AdSense native in-feed ads, but to send and receive payments electronically.

Publishers that want to run Google AdSense native in-feed ads on their sites can opt in to have Google’s machine-learning platform take control of the creative look and feel of those ad units.

The platform allows publishers to select "Let Google suggest a style" and enter a URL with a feed to give Google more control. AdSense will scan the page to find the best placement. Publishers also can select an element from the feed such as font color and style, so the ad better matches the page.  

The automated method is optional. Manual functions are still available for marketers that want more control over their ad unit.

Google AdSense also made other changes in January, such as allowing publishers to make Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payments. EFT also will allow Google to electronically send payments to publishers.

In most countries, Google will initially verify the bank account to ensure the connection. It will require the publisher to enter specific bank account information to send a small test deposit equal or less than $1 or the local currency equivalent. The test deposit will appear at the bank in about two to five days. A video guides publishers through adding EFT as a payment method, from start to finish.

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