Nielsen To Track Instagram With Social Content Ratings

Nielsen says it is adding Instagram measurement to its social content ratings (SCR) platform.

With Instagram measured alongside Facebook and Twitter, Nielsen now tracks content viewership across three of the largest social networks.

The focus for now is tracking conversations about TV shows. SCR is designed to track both owned and organic social TV activity. In other words, it tracks activity from accounts owned by TV and media companies, as well as activity that happens on these platforms among fans of the show, independent of official accounts.

By combining organic and owned social TV measurement “agencies and advertisers will now have a total view of cross-publisher activity surrounding television programs, allowing them to maximize the impact of social strategies,” Nielsen said in announcing the Instagram deal.

With Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on board, SCR becomes one of the most powerful resources TV and media executives have to track consumer opinion about their content. 

For advertisers, the data can also give insight into what content is resonating with viewers on social platforms.

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