Google Works To Bring Augmented Reality To Web Browsers

Augmented reality is coming to smartphones in a big way, and maybe even beyond.

Google says it has been working on how to bring AR to the web, so anyone with a browser could access the technology that way.

The search giant created a prototype to explore how AR content could work across the web, fromm mobile and desktop browsers to future AR-enabled browsers, according to a Google blog post.

The prototype named Article comprises a downloadable 3D model of a space suit that can be dragged to rotate or scrolled to zoom. On a mobile device, the same effects can be achieved by touching and dragging the model.

With augmented reality, the model appears, much like the familiar Pokémon Go characters, except in varying sizes.

Wen Article is on an AR-enabled device and browser, an AR button is show, which can activate the device camera and render the item in front of the user.

As to future uses, Google suggests AR in shopping, education and entertainment.

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