4As Transformation Is Transforming; Accelerates While Doing It

The 4A’s flagship conference, formerly known as Transformation, is transforming into a new thing this spring called 4A’s Accelerate. 

The organization says the name is designed to “illustrate the speed of change required to thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.” 

Hmmm, the ever-changing marketplace. Sounds a lot like transformation, but whatever. How long have we as an industry been talking about the fast pace of change and the ever-changing marketplace? Seems like forever. 

Hey, we all need to put a fresh spin on things, right? Change it up a bit from time to time. 

The conference, being held April 8 to 10 in Miami, will celebrate creativity and its impact on commerce and influence on culture. 

Through a mix of keynotes, panels, fireside chats and immersive workshops—the last said to be a new feature at this year’s conference—the event will highlight technological advancements, new agency models, successful agency/client partnerships and “meaningful creative work.” 



Not too different from past years, albeit with the new branding and immersive workshops. 

Add to that the opportunity to schmooze with industry peers and voilà, you have the makings for a fine industry trade show. 

For more on who is keynoting and participating on panels, check out the 4As website here

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