Meet The 'Mer-Bros'; They Love Gorton's Seafood

Gorton's Seafood is showing is sexier side with the "Trusted by Those Who Know" broadcast campaign.

Developed with Connelly Partners, the creative introduces spots featuring “Mer-bros” (gorgeous male mermaids) as well as a castaway and Poseidon to suggest that it is wise to trust the opinions of oceanic experts who all recommend Gorton's products.

“What’s great about this campaign is that it leaves the consumer with more questions than answers, which leads to so many options for future content,” says Alyssa Toro, chief creative officer, Connelly Partners.

The media plan, also developed by Connelly Partners, is a mix of cable networks and a social media buy supported with unique content appearing across Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook.

This strategy utilized Connelly Partners’ Shopper Marketing insights to help optimize the media plan. To that end, the brand will increase its presence during peak times for seafood consumption, with the Lenten season still one of its strongest sales periods.



The campaign, which was shot on White Point Beach in San Pedro, California, and directed by Hungry Man’s Conor Byrne, is designed to be visually stimulating as well as quirky and ironic. Legacy Effects, the shop behind the costumes in Marvel’s movie franchise, created the costumes for characters of the sea – who were complimented by the same slicker-clad Fisherman introduced in last year’s campaign.



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