Magazine Readership Up

  • by August 29, 2002
According to the Magazine Publisher’s Association, magazine readership increased 5.3% among adults since 1998, despite the economic downturn and the continued growth of the Internet and other media alternatives.

Readership of the 171 magazines common to each of the past five MRI spring studies was examined. Along with the boost in the adult category, there were gains in overall female (6.1%) and male (4.3%) readership. This growth trend held true for the older (35+) age segment, while remaining virtually unchanged for the younger group (18-34).

"The relationship between magazines and their readers is both dynamic and symbiotic," said Ellen Oppenheim, Executive VP/Chief Marketing Officer of the MPA. "More than ever, people are depending on their favorite magazines for information, news and entertainment. In turn, publishers strive to improve on existing titles or supply new ones to suit changing lifestyle needs. The MRI study confirms that it's a partnership that works."

The analysis was conducted using M-MAP-a new MRI software program that instantaneously trends and visually displays magazine data such as readership, coverage, readers-per-copy and a host of other measures for more than 700 demographic segments.

"This analysis demonstrates the staying power of magazines," said MRI's Kathi Love, "and proves that, despite a myriad of media choices, consumers remain loyal to reading the magazines of their choice."



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