Innovid Targets 'Unreachable' Consumers With New Video Ad Solution

The video marketing platform Innovid this week pulled back the curtain on a video advertising solution that it says will engage so-called “unreachable” consumers: those who are truly mobile-first, not engaging with traditional or even desktop media in any significant capacity.

The solution applies specifically to ads delivered via VAST (Video Ad Serving Template), and will be compatible with the Open SDK (software development kit)  initiative, when that is rolled out this year.

“With this release Innovid is working directly with mobile inventory partners to support new standards-based measurement by leading verification partners IAS and MOAT (and soon DoubleVerify, comScore and others) in the VAST inventory that is widely used in mobile, rather than relying on VPAID inventory alone," Michael Tuminello, vice president of solutions and partnerships for Innovid, told Digital News Daily.

Until now, “VAST inventory was not able to support viewability measurement, interactive and dynamic components,” stated an Innovid release.

According to a study by the Wharton School and media agency Hearts & Science, “unreachables” are “a growing audience of people who aren’t tracked—and therefore can’t be targeted or measured—with traditional tools and platforms.” The study estimates that some 47% of millennials and Gen Xers are “unreachable,” and 66% of their media consumption isn’t tracked with existing tools.

“As spotlighted by the Hearts and Science study on unreachables, as well as other articles like this WSJ piece, more consumers are moving away from TV toward mobile, but much of mobile has notbeen measureable,”

He added, "These new solutions will scale mobile in-app video viewability and that will provide support for personalization and interactivity in video.”

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