How KIND Of You To Give Away $6 Million Worth Of Your Snack Bars

You don’t usually think of the Super Bowl as a time of giving, at least for marketers in the big game. For them, it’s a time for spending. Spending big bucks on ad time—estimated at north of $5 million per 30-second spot this year—in addition to production costs and efforts to amplify commercials in the game via online, social media and other owned and earned media.

All in, you’re probably talking north of $6 million. 

And KIND, the snack bar company thinks it can get more bang for the buck by simply giving away $6 million worth of its product to about 3 million snack-bar hungry consumers. 

“KIND is not good at making commercials” a company rep informed me, when disclosing the giveaway campaign. “We’re good at making snacks. And what’s more important, the commercials you watch during the Super Bowl or the snacks you’ll be eating?” 

Well, actually for me it’s the game itself. Most of the commercials are ridiculous (like commercials in general), while a few hit the mark. 



I guess the second-most-important thing about the game is the food and drink I consume during the action. In that regard KIND might be on to something.

That said, snack bars don’t cut it. Some homemade guacamole and lightly salted chips? Count me in. Add to that maybe some well-cooked burgers, bratwurst and a pasta side dish? Bring it on! Washed down with whatever super-hoppy IPA is available? Done deal! 

Snack bars? Save ’em for the pre-lunch at work, when you need to boost your low-sugar count. That’s the ticket. 

But hey, credit KIND for devising a clever way to glom on to the big game with a big promotion that doesn’t involve spending multiple millions in the game itself. After all, product sampling is a tried-and-true marketing method. 

And the company has produced a cutesy and really cost-efficient video promoting its promotion with CEO Daniel Lubetzky. Directing the spot is some guy from accounting. (But directing is his real passion.) Have a look here


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