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Mucinex Focuses On The Day After The Super Bowl

Sure, everyone’s focused on the big game coming up this weekend. But what about the day after, when people are run-down, tired and perhaps not feeling up to par?

Mucinex is playing up the post-Super Bowl day of sickness in a new campaign set to air directly after the game, highlighting the day after the Super Bowl as the supposed number one sick day of the year. 

"While we take being sick very seriously, we feel that this idea gives us the timely vehicle to communicate with consumers differently than we have ever done before,” Brian Dolan, equity lead for U.S. Health at RB, tells Marketing Daily.

A commercial set to air on NBC just after the Super Bowl ends uses the brand’s familiar "Mr. Mucus” character walking into a darkened stadium tunnel, noting that it’s “post-game in America.” Amid shots of people wrapping up their parties and events, the character notes: “Right about now millions of you are thinking about calling in sick to work tomorrow.” As the character begins to shame those thinking of taking a fake sick day, a box of Mucinex crushes the character with on-screen text reading, “Enjoy your sick day, America,” and reminding people to take Mucinex when they’re really sick.



The brand is also introducing a catchy #SuperSickMonday tagline. “This is the first time the brand has advertised around the #SuperSickMonday concept,” Dolan says. "As a brand that focuses on helping people avoid missed time at work, we see it as a one-time cultural phenomenon that most Americans can relate to.” 

The ad is scheduled to run directly after the Super Bowl on NBC to take advantage of the post-game feeling many people may be feeling after having indulged too much at a a party or other event. “It was a strategic decision to maximize #SuperSickMonday to run the spot at the exact time that the feelings in the ad are conveyed – parties are ending and everyone’s focus shifts from the game to having to go into the work the next day,” Dolan says. 

Though the campaign continues to use the familiar Mr. Mucus character, actor T.J. Miller ("Silicon Valley," "Deadpool") is no longer voicing the character. In late December, Miller was accused of sexually assaulting a woman while in college. Miller has denied the accusations. While Dolan wouldn’t comment on the reasons behind the voice-actor switch, he confirmed that the company is no longer working with Mr. Miller.  

“As with any business, we evaluate our strategy, creative and talent on a regular basis and at this point in time are bringing in a new voice for Mr. Mucus,” he says.

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