Axel Springer Invests In Magic Leap

Axel Springer Digital Ventures has invested in Magic Leap, the augmented reality development company.

Magic Leap has been working behind the scenes on integrating digital objects into real world environments for some time.

Axel Springer will actively participate in the innovative technologies with the potential to present journalistic content and classified ads in new format and environments, according to a statement from Axel Springer.

A core element of Magic Leap involves a combination of mixed reality eyewear with a relatively light wearable computer using lightfield technology to integrate digital content into real world environments, essentially an advanced form of augmented reality.

Magic Leap has previously announced that it will ship its first product this year. That product will be for creators and developers, according to the company.

Magic Leap is in Florida and Axel Springer is headquartered in Germany. The publishing company also owns Insider and eMarketer in the U.S.

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