Snapchat Rolls Out Animated Stickers, Tabs

With the help of GIF search engine Giphy, Snapchat is now inviting users to add animated stickers to their snaps.

To add the stickers, users can simply tap a Sticker icon, and then search for the image that best depicts the mood or message they’re trying to send.

Snap rival Instagram recently announced a similar tie-up with Giphy.

Also this week, Snap is rolling out Tabs, a new feature for users to organize and view Stories of their liking.

Despite adding more users than expected during the fourth quarter of 2017, Snap’s fortunes are as uncertain as ever. Among other issues, many users are unhappy with Snapchat’s recent redesign, which features a new interface that divides the app into two sections: friends’ posts and professional media.

Led by a host of celebs from Chrissy Teigen to Kylie Jenner, and their millions of social-media followers, Snap is now facing a full-scale revolt. A petition on to “Remove the new Snapchat update” has already surpassed 1 million signatures.



For many young users, Snap’s redesign crossed a line by interrupting many of their “streaks,” which friends can earn by snapping each other within a 24-hour span for more than three consecutive days.

Young users take streaks seriously, and they are also one of the few features still unique to Snapchat. While Instagram and other rivals have stolen nearly every other Snapchat service, streaks set the platform apart.

Before the redesign, Snapchat’s usage numbers appeared to be picking up. From the third quarter of 2017 to the fourth, the app increased daily active users (DAUs) from 178 million to 187 million.

Year-over-year, DAUs increased 28.8 million -- or 18% -- during the quarter ended December 31.

Although Snap posted a net loss of $350 million during the fourth quarter 2017, quarterly revenue still reached $285.7 million -- up 72% year-over-year. Snap attributed the gains to auction traction and seasonality.

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