Branded Video Engagements Grew Nearly 30% In 2017

Consumer engagements with branded video content increased by 29% in 2017 when compared to 2016, according to research from Sharablee, which tracks content on social media for publishers and marketers.

Branded video content produced by traditional TV companies actually outpaced the field, with year-over-year engagement growth of 79%.

The research defines “engagement” as a share, a comment or a reaction (i.e. a Facebook “Like”) from consumers.

Consistent with other research, Sharablee’s data showed that three companies made up more than 33% of all branded video views: Buzzfeed (led by its Tasty brand), Turner Networks (led by Bleacher Report and Adult Swim), and Group Nine Media (led by NowThis). Buzzfeed generated 11.6 million engagements in 2017, with Turner generating 11.2 million engagements and Group Nine 5.6 million engagements.

In total, the top 50 companies measured by Sharablee produced more than 35,000 branded videos in 2017 on Facebook, for more than 4,200 unique advertisers.




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