Wyoming Kicks Off New Campaign To Lasso Visitors

The Wyoming Office of Tourism (WOT) is launching the third year of its "That's WY" campaign creative with AOR BVK.

The creative will incorporate previous messaging and images, as well as new creative that showcases stories of Wyoming, including the Continental Divide Trail in the Medicine Bow National Forest and bullfighter Dusty Tuckness. 

 In addition, WOT has redesigned its website with a focus on content that matches the needs of the traveling public. 

The $5.2 million paid media investment, up from $4.4 million in 2017, will focus on reaching key target markets of Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle, through a mix of TV, radio, print, digital, audio, out-of-home and social media advertising. 

WOT will supplement this outreach with PR, a dedicated travel trade marketing strategy as well as an international partnership with Brand USA to attract overseas visitors.



WOT is also arranging cooperative marketing partnership with in-state marketers by offering initiatives such as the sticker campaign first launched in 2013. This initiative encourages travelers to pick up unique stickers at various destinations across the state. Partners are invited to craft these stickers for their specific regions to help showcase their respective assets within Wyoming.

"This industry is always changing," stated Darren Rudloff, president of the Wyoming Office of Tourism Board of Directors and Visit Cheyenne. "And for Wyoming to stay competitive, we have to be flexible and adaptable to move along with it as we continue to inspire travelers to choose Wyoming."

WOT credits its integrated marketing and promotion efforts, including the multi-year "That's WY" campaign with a 2.4% increase in visitation to the state in 2017.

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