Lime-A-Rita's 'The Ritas' Now Dispensing Advice Via Social

“The Ritas” — a trio of “legendary ladies” introduced earlier this month as part of Lime-A-Rita’s new “Have-A-Rita” campaign — are now dispensing cheeky, one-on-one advice on social media. 

Throughout 2018, fans 21 and older can reach out to the glamorous geriatrics’ #RitaSays column on the brand’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well through their own @TheRitas Twitter handle. 

The Ritas are said to have rich life experience, yet epitomize the margarita-flavored malt beverage brand’s “life’s a party” attitude. They’re fielding queries ranging from the shallow to the existential — with non-PC bluntness and laissez faire flippancy as their default modes, and frequent references to the joys of simply opening a can to savor one of the fruit-flavored, faux margarita malt beverages.



What is love? “Find someone who will sunscreen your butt,” advise The Ritas. Tips on decorating an office? “What’s an office?,” they quip. 

The Anheuser-Busch brand is amping up the buzz by having pop culture personalities ask The Ritas for advice. The first person to request their help was Becca Tilley, from “The Bachelor,” who wanted to know how to forget someone who gave out one too many roses. Lime-A-Rita often posts about the latest developments on the popular TV show. 

The campaign was developed by a team of female brand marketers working with Lime-A-Rita’s creative agency, Fallon New York. 

“In a world increasingly filled with things to worry about, The Ritas remind us of the enduring virtues of a margarita in a can,” pronounced Fallon’s president, John King. 

The new brand characters will be seen in TV spots, as well as digital advertising, including short videos (example below), through the end of 2018.

The brand is bringing back Water-Melon-Rita for the summer, and introducing a party pack in glass bottles that’s dubbed “Party With The Ritas.”



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