StrawberryFrog Wants To Stretch Content Boundaries

StrawberryFrog is spinning off a new content and design company in order to develop and produce what it’s calling original "stretchy content."

The new firm has been dubbed Blueberry Content.

“Clients are increasingly looking for content that can be used across digital, static, social — all platforms, films, brand identity, packaging design," says StrawberryFrog executive vice president Karin Drakenberg. "Blueberry Content’s mission is to ignite the most powerful force — a smart design idea that makes a difference in client’s business."

Nicola Connelly, the agency's chief of staff, will lead the new operation. At launch, it includes a full-time staff of 12, aided by a group of international freelancers that will be hired as needed for projects.

Blueberry Content will offer clients design, social, digital and experiential services. Already, Blueberry Content has done work for brands including P&G, Coca Cola and InBev.

The formation of the new unit was driven by client demand for "high-end quality content and storytelling," says Drakenberg.



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