Employees See AI Improving Their Job

Artificial intelligence can create a more engaging and empowering workplace, according to a new global survey.

Employees would welcome AI for a number of reasons, based on the survey of 3,000 employees in eight nations conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos.

Reasons to welcome AI include automating time-consuming internal processes (64%), helping balance workload (64%), increasing fairness in subjective decisions (62%) and insuring managers make better choices affecting individual employees (57%).

The majority (58%) of organizations have not yet discussed the potential impact of AI on their workforce with employees.

“While emerging technologies always generate uncertainty, this survey shows employees worldwide share a cautious optimism that artificial intelligence is a promising tool that could pave the way for a game-changing employee experience if it is used to add fairness and eliminate low-value workplace processes and tasks, allowing employees to focus on the parts of their roles that really matter,” stated Joyce Maroney, executive director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos.

While 82% of employees see an opportunity for AI to improve their jobs, a third (34%) expressed concern that it could someday replace them altogether.

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