Suja's Kale Drinks Come To Life On L.A. Billboard

Cold-pressed juice brand Suja is bringing its "Drink Plants" campaign to life in Los Angeles with a living wall billboard featuring real plants as part of the installation located in the West Hollywood section of the city.

Agency Humanaut created the artwork and design as well as the copy for the billboard. Exverus developed the idea and managed the execution, and Roots3 Production constructed the actual wall.

The billboard features a giant pair of wings made of kale along with the message: “People in LA love kale. And taking photos in front of wings. You’re welcome.” 

Another billboard depicts a juice “spilling” green juice made of living plants. Both will remain until March 18.

To help amplify awareness, Suja is hosting a group of Instagram influencers at a nearby yoga studio on Monday, March 12th after which attendees will be encouraged to pose in front of the billboard’s kale wings.

As an added incentive, Suja will cover the cost of planting a tree through L.A.-based non-profit TreePeople for every 10 pictures posted using the #KaleWings hashtag.

“We have an irrational love for plants, stated Greg Rose, vice president, marketing, Suja. "Some people have bedroom posters of athletes or musicians, but we have posters of celery and wear pineapple pajamas."



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