SpotX And Pluto TV Expand OTT Monetization Offerings

Video advertising platform SpotX and the free over-the-top streaming TV service Pluto TV are expanding their partnership in an effort to connect more brands to the company’s video offerings.

The deal will include use of SpotX’s Demand Facilitation services, which counts brands from the world of automotive, consumer packaged goods, entertainment and retail as clients. 

Pluto, which streams more than 100 24-hour linear channels with news, sports and entertainment content, benefits from having a large supply of advertisers and ad creative, which means a better viewing experience than the repetitive ads on some platforms.

“Media buyers are still learning how to buy inventory in OTT,” Ryan Kenney, vice president of platform services at SpotX, tells Digital News Daily. “Many buyers understand all of the idiosyncrasies of traditional TV but are still learning what benefits digital video offers, how to efficiently run cross-screen campaigns for highly targeted audiences, and ways to earn maximum ROAS [return on advertising spend]…



"This renewed partnership gives advertisers working with SpotX an opportunity to be around many different types of high-quality content and to connect with this unique inventory more easily in both open and private marketplaces.”

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