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State Farm Emphasizes Its Agents 'Get You'

State Farm is launching a new spot that continues the “Get an agent that gets you” theme, again featuring the NBA’s Chris Paul, James Harden and Clyde Drexler.

The narrative of the campaign, from Translation, continues to dovetail with storylines of the NBA season, as the league-leading Houston Rockets have hit their stride thanks in large part to the chemistry their teammates have developed on court. 

The campaign is built around one simple human truth— the idea that when someone knows you so well, they know what you are thinking before you say it, it’s like they have a sixth sense with you, says John Norman, Translation’s chief creative officer.

“All close and personal relationships, like State Farm Agents, have experienced this phenomenon,” Norman tells Marketing Daily. “That idea is expressed here in a really simple, fun, single-minded narrative.”



The latest spot, "Inner Dialogue,” shows Paul and his State Farm Agent Cole Perez (played by Oscar Nunez of NBC's "The Office") sitting poolside as Paul finishes yard work on a sunny day. Cole demonstrates that he "gets" Paul so well, he can anticipate Paul’s thoughts by telepathically overhearing (and subsequently conversing with) Paul’s inner monologue. Paul thinks to himself that the only people who usually understand him so well are his teammates. Just then, his Rockets teammate Harden enters the scene, and the trio share an "Inner Dialogue," showing just how well they get one another. 

The spot will run throughout the end of the NBA season and will air across broadcast/cable networks, primarily in basketball-related content. 

Piggybacking on themes of chemistry and teammates who get each other better than anyone off the court, the latest spot follows "Game Night," which launched during All-Star Weekend, with Paul, Harden and Perez hanging out for a casual game night hosted at Drexler's house.

The campaign is a fully integrated effort, spanning broadcast, digital, digital narratives (such as Paul's eBay Moving Sale), social content (including Snapchat filters and buys), print and in-arena.

Most recently, the campaign manifested as an installation in Los Angeles as part of All-Star Weekend. 

“Knowing that having a relationship with a State Farm agent is like having someone who knows you so well they can get inside your head, we created a larger-than-life, 3D replica of James Harden's head that fans could actually go inside to play an interactive game,” Norman says.

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  1. Robin Solis from, March 19, 2018 at 12:56 p.m.

    Good strategy and campaign.

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