Nautilus, Kalmbach Media Team For Marketing, Creative Partnership

Reader interest in science and technology is ever expanding. In an effort to reach an even wider audience, NautilusThink, publisher of the award-winning magazine Nautilus, has joined with Kalmbach Media in a “go-to-market” partnership.

The partnership allows Nautilus to reach marketers and institutions through a large science media platform in new and expanded ways through Kalmbach Media and its titles Discover and Astronomy.

"We know that both Discover and Astronomy have large and active education audiences online. The partnership enables Nautilus’ educational content programs to reach those audiences," Dan Hickey, CEO of Kalmbach Media, told Publishers Daily. 

In addition to tapping into an expanded readership, Kalmbach and Nautilus will be working together to produce new content channels.



“This is a go-to-market partnership, but Kalmbach and Nautilus believe there are both short-term and long-term editorial and operational synergies to explore,” says Hickey.

First published in 2013, Nautilus notably took home two National Magazine Awards in its first year of eligibility, the only magazine in any category to have achieved that distinction. It has also won a Webby for best science on the Internet.

John Steele, publisher of Nautilus, stated: “Nautilus creates unique content channels on behalf of educational foundations, institutions, and marketers. We can now offer our partners greater capability and a much larger audience through Kalmbach’s science brands.”

The nonprofit publication has also struggled in recent years, given funding shortfalls, at one point owing a stable of contributors $50,000. The partnership offers Nautilus a chance to expand its exposure to like-minded audiences, generating new opportunities. 

Hickey says: “We saw Nautilus as very complementary to our science strategy. Conversely, Nautilus admired our science brands and audiences. This partnership expands their reach and exposure for their own marketing efforts, as well as their partners."

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