Voice Assistant Users Want Brands To Provide Innovation, Utility

Consumers using digital voice assistants want some help from brands.

Primarily, many consumers want brands to help them improve their knowledge or help organize their daily lives.

However, the top thing they want their favorite brands to do is tap into their voice-controlled smart speakers to provide innovative new products, based on a new study on voice devices.

The study comprised a survey of 30,000 internet users aged 16 to 64 who used voice search within the last month or currently use a voice-controlled smart speaker. It was conducted by Global Web Index.

Here’s the breakdown of what voice tech adopters most want from their favorite brands:

  • 25% -- Provide innovative new product
  • 24% -- Improve knowledge and skills
  • 19% -- Help simplify/organize daily life
  • 16% -- Provide entertaining videos, content
  • 15% -- Provide personalized recommendations for purchases

Researchers also found that more than a third (35%) of internet users plan to purchase a voice-controlled smart assisting within the next six months.

The adoption of smart speakers varies widely by age. For example, more than half of millennial internet users either use or plan to purchase a smart speaker. Here’s the breakdown by age of internet users who currently use a smart speaker or plan to purchase one in the next six months:

  • 57% -- 25 to 34
  • 55% -- 16 to 24
  • 49% -- 35 to 44
  • 37% -- 45 to 54
  • 27% -- 55 to 64

This is a great example of how quickly an Internet of Things transforming technology can take off. And this is only one of them.

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