Nielsen Offers New Ad-Defined Targeting For Marketers

Pursuing the trend for new audience segments desired by marketers, Nielsen says clients now have access to a system that can transact on advertiser-defined TV audiences.

Through its Enterprise Audience API, Nielsen says marketers can accelerate TV audience-targeting initiatives. Kelly Abcarian, senior vice president of Nielsen Product Leadership, stated: “The new platform will serve as a single source of truth for a new advanced audience marketplace.”

Nielsen says this can include buying and selling audiences, based on credit card spending habits, in-store purchases and extended psychographic profiles.

“With Nielsen's Enterprise Audience API, Simulmedia's VAMOS platform will be able to convert that gold-standard data into targetable audience segments across all national TV networks in the U.S. in a matter of seconds,” stated Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, the TV- advertising tech company.

Joshua Summers, CEO of audience-based TV platform clypd, said clients will benefit from simpler, faster, on-demand access to consistent data with scale.

Major efforts for TV networks have come, for example, with Open AP -- a consortium of Fox Networks Group, Viacom and Turner -- in seeking new audience segments for advertisers to target in TV media buys.



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