Millennials Find Content Inspiration From Pinterest, YouTube

Storyblocks, a subscription service for stock videos, audio and images, spoke with more than 1,000 content creators between the ages of 18 to 65 across the United States to study today’s creative trends and behavior.

The study provides insights into where creators find inspiration; the daily roll in content creation; and how people find, access and download content.

It reveals that millennials find and access content much differently than other content creators.

Inspiration to create content comes from many places, but the study found that YouTube at 23% and Pinterest at 21% are among the most common platforms for millennials.  Only 25% of millennials use Adobe to create content creation, although the platform has the most overall users.

In the next 12 months, 51% of millennials plan to use software to edit a digital image, while 35% plan to create, produce or edit a video. Of those ages 35 and older, nearly 60% will use software to edit a digital image.



“Adobe does have a stranglehold on the creative tools sector, but if there’s a gap in the armor it’s coming through younger creators,” said Storyblocks CEO TJ Leonard.

Interestingly, during the next 12 months, content creators ages 35 and up will spend more time creating websites compared with their younger counterparts.

Millennials most often use stock media, 53%, for projects for their employers, and personal creative projects, 30%, as part of a hobby.

Millennials are among the most tech-savvy of the content creative ecosystem, with 27% of them accessing stock media via an API integration tool compared to just 7% of other content creators.

“People are going to stock sites to download content less often and younger creatives are going to more to browser-based software, simple editing tools that allow you to achieve an objective that has high production value without a ton of sophistication,” he said.

Storyblocks is claiming more than 4.4 million asset downloads through its API, surpassing 697% growth during the past year. Users who access content through its API integrations are up nearly 1.5%, compared to last year.

Building on its brand, the company recently took its subscription-based model a step further by also offering a corporate option, which consists of multi-seat licenses to various Fortune 500 companies, TV and film production studios, publishers, and more. New corporate partners include NBCUniversal, Vox Media and Universal Music Group. The company also expanded on existing partnerships with Vice and HBO.

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