Google DoubleClick Search, adMarketplace Integration Creates Engine Track Reporting

Google DoubleClick Search and adMarketplace have announced a partnership to launch what the two companies call “Engine Track” reporting. The integration becomes available on Wednesday to all marketers worldwide using the platforms.

Engine Track now allows advertisers to view their adMarketplace cost and conversion metrics directly within the DoubleClick Search platform. The move, requested by adMarketplace customers also using Google DoubleClick Search, aims to give advertisers one central location to view performance metrics and coordinate investment strategies.

The partnership also allows marketers to create DoubleClick click-server URLs within the adMarketplace platform to improve workflow and campaign optimizations. It does this by providing more accurate conversion data to adMarketplace’s predictive bidding algorithm, BidSmart.

adMarketplace CEO Jamie Hill told Search Marketing Daily that feedback from the company’s clients has been “overwhelmingly positive” because advertisers can see the “top-level view of all their campaigns and make the best decisions for their business through improved transparency.”



Privately held adMarketplace, based in New York, operates an online marketplace that connects advertisers to publishers. Their technology serves paid-search ads on publisher properties in response to a user’s search on the site.

“We have a lot of mutual clients and they wanted to be able to see performance and results in the DoubleClick dashboard,” said Adam Epstein, president and chief operating officer at adMarketplace. “Advertisers benefit any time you skip a step in the workflow, so media buyers don’t need to log into additional platforms to get results.” This also makes it easier to create DoubleClick tags in the adMarketplace platform.

The project, now moving from beta to full release, took about one-and-a-half years to build and test with a handful of brands and agency partners such as Chris De Souza, director of performance for SYZYGY at WPP Digital.

The agency uses multiple search providers to deliver against various KPIs, but De Souza believes the integration helps agency reps to understand what strategies have the most impact on its clients’ business.

In addition to adMarketplace, other supported engines include Naver, (Qihoo) and Yandex -- although not all of these engines support reporting for individual ads, according to Google. In this case, DS reports on keywords, ad groups, campaigns, and the overall engine account, but doesn't provide an Ads tab within the account, according to the help page.

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