Barracuda Offers A Service To Measure Resistance To Phishing

Barracuda Networks, Inc. has launched a service designed to help users measure resistance to phishing attacks. Barracuda PhishLine Levelized Programs offers an alternative to standard click-rate metrics used in measuring users' resistance to phishing, the company says. 

“As phishing attacks have grown stealthier and more sophisticated, awareness training and simulation have proven invaluable in conditioning employees as a line of defense,” states Hatem Naguib, SVP and GM of security at Barracuda. “But the effectiveness of these solutions has hit a ceiling, today inhibited by 'click rate fatigue' — overreliance on a problematic metric.”

The new service relies on more positive metrics: Users can base their programs on training completion, and how employees react to simulated attack messages.

Administrators can track user awareness, the company claims. In addition, it includes customized promotion rules while incentivizing good behavior.

The new service will be demonstrated this week at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.





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