Engaging VIP Users, Publishers Clearing House Launches New Technology Solution

Media company Publishers Clearing House (PCH), home to the famed sweepstakes and other “chance-to-win” entertainment, has launched a data-enabled technology solution.

The company reports the new tool contributed to a 400% increase in engagement between VIPs, who spent more than 34 minutes a day across PCH properties following the implementation of the technology, and marketers.

“The new technology identifies frequent users and tailors real-time personalized messaging, email marketing, push notifications and rewards based on each individual user’s profile, preferences and onsite interactions,” Mark Cullinane, senior vice president/GM digital, PCH, told Publishers Daily.

“PCH uses advanced analytics to encourage users to move to the next level of engagement, from new player to VIP elite and rewards them based on time spent and overall activity.”



PCH VIPs account for just 7% of the site’s users, and 19% of them belong to the “30 for 30” club, which means they’ve logged in for 30 days straight. 

VIPs receive preferred user status, reward points and specialized product offers, based on their user data. The solution is meant to encourage newer users to engage through the status steps.

PCH is a $100 million digital advertising business and sells ads across its website, app and other gaming sites. It reaches more than 70% of all U.S. households with its “snackable” content and promotions.

According to Business Insider, PCH took in $1 billion last year, with $900 million coming from merchandise.

As the company has pivoted from print mailer to digital publisher, it has become much savvier with its collected data.

"Because we have this chance to win, people typically register up front, and we instantly know a lot about our users," Cullinane stated to Business Insider. "We build a profile as we go, and eventually deeply personalize that experience." 

The company has no plans to license the technology and counts it at the core of its overall martech stack and CRM strategy.

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