Hornitos Unveils First 'Shot Worth Taking' TV Ad

Hornitos tequila has releasd the first television spot in its multichannel “Shot Worth Taking” campaign. 

The campaign, from The Community, debuted last year. Digital-only ads featured real young adults striving to establish careers in hip-hop, fashion design, stage production and stunt work, who were given financial support by the brand in return for doing the videos. The campaign also includes social media, print and out-of-home advertising. 

Its first TV ad, “Here’s to the Shot Takers,” has 30-second (below) and 15-second versions. Launched on the evening of April 24, it will air through the summer. 

The ad, like the larger campaign, celebrates “shot takers” — those who are willing to step out of their comfort zones because they know that achieving meaningful goals requires acting and taking risks. Vignettes show young adults daring to kiss a crush, perform on stage, and quit a job. 



Title messaging drives home the message by pointing out that, “Right now, 14,421 people are thinking about kissing someone, but only 8 are taking their shot…9,821 people want to show what they’ve got [on stage], but only 12 are taking their shot… 71,219 people are complaining about their jobs, but only 48 are taking their shot… Here’s to the shot takers.” 

The final image, a bottle of Hornitos with a shot glass, connects the dots by bearing the anthem message, “A shot worth taking.”


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