Dow Jones Media Group Amps Its Cryptocurrency Confidence

Dow Jones Media Group, part of the larger Dow Jones company owned by News Corp, announced yesterday it would begin to track eight new crytocurrencies through its news portal MarketWatch.

The publication has been tracking cryptocurrencies since 2014, and the new lot includes Ether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether Classic, Monero, Dash and zcash. Each quote is displayed using data from Kraken cryptocurrency exchange in real-time. 

Last week, Dow Jones Media Group announced a partnership with ad-blocking browser Brave—founded by Brendan Eich, who also founded Mozilla—to experiment with the use of cryptocurrencies in media and advertising.

According to the agreement, users who have downloaded the Brave browser on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, will have access to premium content from the media group, including full access to or a premium version of the MarketWatch newsletter.



Dow Jones Media Group includes the luxury and financial brands Barron’sMarketWatchMansion Global and Financial News. It forms approximately half of The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. 

Brave and Dow Jones Media Group will also test several “innovative solutions” in news that include using Brave’s blockchain-based digital advertising and service platform to deliver content. 

Unrelated to the Dow Jones partnership, Brave, which operates the BAT (basic attention token) cryptocurrency, revealed earlier this month that it will soon begin to give BAT currency to all users of its browser, allowing them to fund the websites they visit.

BAT operates as an alternative to traditional advertising dollars. Users who fund a website with BAT currency could gain access to premium content that would normally be behind a paywall. Users could eventually receive a portion of advertising revenue.

According to, the currency giveaway plan is an “important new phase in Brave's effort to salvage what's good about advertising on the internet — free access to useful or entertaining services like Facebook, Google search and YouTube — without downsides like privacy invasion and the sorts of political manipulations that Facebook partner Cambridge Analytica tried to enable.” 

As of April, more than 12,000 publishers are approved for BAT payments, including The Washington Postthe Guardianand Dow Jones Media Group, including Barron’s and MarketWatch.

Brave plans to begin rollout of the currency giveaway by June.

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