DMA To Gather Industry Leaders To Examine Data Standards, Explore New Guidelines

The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) is calling industry leaders together to examine the ethical use of data in advertising and marketing. The news comes as Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about to take effect. 

The resulting committee will review the DMA’s industry standards for responsible data practices. It also will explore the creation of new self-regulatory guidelines to meet the privacy demands of evolving technology.

“DMA’s industry-leading members understand the need to collaborate across verticals to collectively establish and revise standards and guidelines that are centered on consumer interests,” said Tom Benton, CEO, Data & Marketing Association.

According to the DMA, the group will:

  • Explore the present and future norms of data governance and technology.
  • Analyze and map existing consumer data protections.
  • Assess the impact of GDPR and other proposed regulations on the consumer.



Last year, the DMA updated its self-regulatory rules, adding provisos on customer notice and choice in data onboarding, interconnected devices and other issues. Enforcement of these guidelines begins in July, with on-demand education modules available this month. 

The DMA says it has handled over 56,000 consumer inquiries about its guidelines since 2011.

“As new data-driven technology, techniques and platforms emerge," says Benton, "our industry guidelines and standards must evolve to reflect our focus on delivering value to consumers.” He adds: “We welcome all organizations or individuals that wish to engage in action-oriented discussions that drive our industry forward and help to ferret out bad actors."

Interested parties should contact the DMA’s Ethnics and Compliance department at



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