'People,' Investigation Discovery Plan Two New Series: 'Crimes of Fashion,' 'Cults'

In an expansion of their exclusive partnership, People magazine and television network Investigation Discovery has announced two new series to air in 2018.

"People Magazine Investigates: Cults," set to air June 4 in a six-episode run, will explore famous cults from various perspectives, including the toll taken on members and their families. Covering cases like Jonestown, Army of God, Tony Alamo and more, each episode spends an hour unpacking the details.

People reporters investigate the cults’ origin stories, day-to-day rituals and motivations behind power-crazed leaders. Survivors speak first-hand about their escape and harrowing lives inside their respective cults.

In three, 60-minute episodes, "People Magazine Investigates: Crimes of Fashion," reporters will unravel the stories behind famous faces and labels, investigating obsession and family betrayal that all ended in murder. The season is set to run in the third quarter.



Jess Cagle, editor in chief of People, stated: “People's investigative reporting always resonates with our audiences and extending this content to television offers them another way to experience it."

Previous seasons of "People Magazine Investigates" explored mysterious crimes, including an in-depth look at the Golden State Killer and an investigation of DeOrr Kunz, a 2-year-old who disappeared during a 2015 camping trip.

Investigation Discovery is part of Discovery Inc.

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