Telaria Confirms 100% Fee Transparency For Publishers

This week, Telaria, a software platform that enables publishers to manage video advertising, revealed the results of a third-party audit of its fee practices, offering 100% transparency.

A SOC-2 Trust Principles firm reported Telaria has no arbitrage or hidden fees in deal transactions, revenue sharing is calculated correctly for publishers and final sale price to bidders is too.

The audit reassures publishers that the fees they see are based on a fixed contract, rather than dependent on demand partners. Publishers are provided with an exact bid that comes from the DSP, clearing price and Telaria’s publisher fee.

Telaria recently launched a video management platform that is built to accommodate Advanced TV, deeper third-party analytics and data capabilities to visualize live supply intelligence and an engine optimized to deal with CTV.



The conclusion of the audit coincides with this launch, allowing for a deeper level of trust from publishers and buyers when choosing to work with Telaria.

Katie Evans, Chief Operating Officer at Telaria, stated: “We felt it was important to undergo the rigorous inspections necessary to hold ourselves to a higher level o f accountability and give our platform partners peace of mind that we never arbitrage, never add hidden fees, and&n bsp;that we always calculate revenue-shares correctly. It’s our view that this should be table stakes in our industry.”

Telaria reports it is the first advertising company to open its system to such a vigorous audit from a third party to achieve verification of its practices.

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