Facebook Builds Platform For Branded Content Campaigns

Without offering specifics, Facebook recently said it was working on a tool “that helps advertisers and creators easily connect for branded content opportunities.”

Now, thanks to screenshots published by AllFacebook, the tool is coming into focus. As the German tech news site reports, Facebook is building a platform on which brands can team up with influencers for branded content campaigns. 

“Creators participating in the test can set up a portfolio highlighting their area of expertise, and advertisers can search and find creators to collaborate on compelling branded content campaigns,” Fidji Simo and Sibyl Goldman, vice president, product and director of entertainment partnerships at Facebook, noted back in March.



According to the screenshots published by AllFacebook, marketers will be able to search through a list of potential influencer partners based on “audience match,” reach, engagement, follower counts, and the number of video views they have amassed. 

As the screenshots show, brands can refine their search for target audiences based on their country of origin, gender, age range, education, relationship status, interests, home-ownership status and home type.

In addition, advertisers can search for Facebook users who have recently experienced a major life event -- which the tech titan can easily discern based on users’ posting history and other account activity.

While Facebook confirms the tool is under development, the company has not yet set a launch date for the offering.

Given its maturing audience, Facebook might not seem like a hotbed for influences. Yet per recent research from Activate, the Facebook is holding its own as an influencer platform.  

Overall, 62% of marketers say they are growing their influencer-marketing budgets, this year, while some 61% of influencers say they saw an increase in sponsored partnership opportunities from 2016 through 2017.

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