Bank Of America Launches AI-Driven Virtual Assistant

Bank of America is introducing its AI-driven virtual assistant Erica to its 25 million mobile clients.

The digital assistant combines artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and natural language and can use voice, text or tapping.

“Everything we do is based on what we hear from our clients: how they want to interact with us and how we can make their financial lives better,” Michelle Moore, head of digital banking at Bank of America, stated in the announcement. “Through Erica, we are also delivering personalized solutions at scale by providing insights, such as how you can improve your credit score or create a budget.”

Bank customers can use the digital assistant to search for past transactions across accounts, navigate the app, access key information, schedule in-person meetings in financial centers, view bills, schedule payments and transfer or send money.

The agent is designed to learn from customer behavior over time. “Erica’s knowledge of banking and financial services increases with every client interaction,” stated Aditya Bhasin, head of consumer and wealth management technology at Bank of America.

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