Amazon Echo Dominates Smart Speaker Market

From coming pretty much out of nowhere not that long ago, smart speakers are flooding consumers’ homes.

Back in early 2016, only 3% of U.S. broadband households owned a smart speaker. Fast forward: today more than a quarter (27%) of homes now have one, based on a new tally. That’s nearly double the number from late last year, according to the study by Parks Associates.

These smart voice assistants come in all shapes and forms, with both Amazon and Google having expanded their speaker lineups. Here’s the latest breakdown of ownership, according to Parks Associates:

  • 43% -- Amazon Echo
  • 39% -- Amazon Echo Dot
  • 23% -- Google Home
  • 18% -- Lenovo Smart Assistant
  • 13% -- Amazon Echo Show
  • 12% -- Google Home Max
  • 11% -- Amazon Tap
  • 11% -- Sonos One with Alexa
  • 10% -- Amazon Look
  • 10% -- Harmon Kardon Invoke with Cortana
  • 10% -- Google Home Mini

The trend is likely to continue, since satisfaction levels of most digital assistants remains high. For example, Amazon Echo received a rating of very satisfied from most (59%) of owners, Google Home 55% and Amazon Alexa 54%.

Consumers are loving their smart speakers. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant should be proud.

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