Brussels Group Offers GDPR Compliance Certification

With two days to go before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, the EU Center for GDPR Certification has introduced a “GDPR Trust Seal,” an accreditation that will be awarded to businesses based on their compliance and transparency, as determined by an independent audit.  

The certification comes in bronze, silver, gold and platinum, and can be used on websites and marketing materials.

The Brussels-based EU GDPR Certification Center is allied with the Danish NGO GDPR Watchdog, the initiator of the first rating.

The founder of that group, Jan Vistisen, states: "There will be kicking, screaming and evasion in the short term but GDPR will become a gold standard in business and that compliance will more than pay for itself.”

He adds: “In any case, where's the harm in being able to show your customers you are an honest actor when it comes to protecting their privacy?"




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