'Jurassic World Alive' App Adds Augmented Reality For Movie Promo

The dinosaurs of Jurassic World have moved to being recreated in augmented reality in advance of Universal’s coming movie “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” in June.

The AR feature in the app creates images of dinosaurs much like Pokémon Go creates characters.

The app, Jurassic World Alive, was created by Ludia and uses Google Maps location-based technology to find dinosaurs. Players earn in-game currency and battery life for a drone, which can be used to track the creatures.

When the app is loaded, it asks for permission to determine the user’s location and dinosaurs can be captured, if close enough to the app user, much like Pokémon characters in that game.

Once a dinosaur has been captured, it can be seen in the consumer’s real-world surrounding using the app’s augmented reality feature. The creatures also emit sounds.

In the movie, the island’s volcano comes to life as the lead characters race to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from the extinction-level event. The app was released on the App Store and Google Play Store this week.

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