Outcome Health, 'Fatherly' Deliver Content In Doctor's Offices

Fatherly, a digital media brand for dads, has partnered with Outcome Health to provide health-related video content to physician practices in a new campaign to target fathers at the point-of-care.

Outcome Health offers an array of digital platforms, most specifically waiting room TV screens, including technology like Waiting Room TV. Waiting Room TV promotes specialty content and advice videos to patients waiting to see a doctor, intended to offer a proactive platform so viewers can get the most from their health care. 

Covering a range of topics related to parenting and men’s lifestyle — from how to handle reckless children to conceiving while depressed —Fatherly is provides research and insights from healthcare institutions and professionals to empower men as fathers and help them lead fulfilling lives. 



Through the partnership, Fatherly will deliver its brand of engaging content across Outcome Health’s network.

As part of the partnership, during Men’s Health Month in June, Outcome Health will screen a series of videos across pediatric providers offices focusing on sleep disorders, ADHD and postpartum depression among fathers. 

Mike Rothman, CEO-cofounder at Fatherly, stated that the partnership with Outcome Health can “deliver valuable parenting advice and useful information to fathers and patients across the country, at a time when they need it most.”

Outcome Health’s presence spans 150,000 digital devises and more than 40,000 physical offices and health systems.

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