Country Time Offers 'Legal Ade' For Lemonade Stands

Believe it or not, it’s not unusual for towns around the country to shut down kids’ lemonade stands, thanks to arcane permit laws. 

So this summer, Country Time lemonade has devised a clever promotion: Any child fined for running a lemonade stand without a permit can have his or her parent apply for reimbursement. 

To apply, parents need to visit a dedicated site and upload an image of the fine incurred or the permit taken out, along with a description of what the lemonade stand means to their child, in his or her own words. 

The submission will be reviewed by the brand’s “Legal Ade” team, and if it complies with the terms, the applicants will be reimbursed for the exact amount of the fine or permit, up to $300 (to a maximum total of $60,000). 

In addition, each time the Country Time Legal-Ade video (below) is retweeted, the brand will donate $1 (up to $500,000) to help kids next year and beyond.



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