Effie Expands Canadian Program

Effie Worldwide’s North American program is becoming Effie Canada and Effie United States under a merger with Canada's Cassie Awards, a similar platform focused on recognizing marketing effectiveness.

Canadian marketers on the client and agency side have had an increasingly strong presence in the North American competition over the years, from judging to entering and winning Effie Awards. This year, for instance, FCB Canada's work for Down Syndrome was a Grand Effie contender and in 2016, Grey Canada was the first Canadian agency to win the Grand Effie in North America.

The merger, organizers says is a  logical expansion move for Effie Worldwide, especially as the nonprofit is increasing its commitment to education and best practices for marketing effectiveness.  

This change is also designed to offer greater local engagement with U.S. and Canadian marketers by adding new dimensions to the North American regional rankings in the Global Effie Index as well as providing additional opportunities for learning via more juries, more case studies, and an expanded forum of North American marketers.  



The ICA (Institute of Communication Agencies), located in Toronto, with support from the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C) in Quebec, will run Effie Canada. Effie United States will be organized by Effie Worldwide, from their New York headquarters.  




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