Icon Campaign Tackles Bladder Leak Stigma

Just in time for World Continence Week, “pee-proof” underwear brand Icon has launched a new campaign to call attention to incontinence issues and the stigma that surrounds them. 

Earlier this month, a new poll commissioned by Icon showed that one in three women will experience bladder leaks at some point in her lifetime. Despite the prevalence of this issue, it takes an average woman seven years to discuss any sort of bladder leakage with her doctor. 

The company has also launched the #threeinthree platform to provide people who experience bladder leaks with an opportunity to share their stories and help combat existing stigmas. More information can be found here.

“This World Continence Week, we’re launching a movement to help destigmatize women’s bodies and shift cultural perceptions around leaking,” stated Kejal MacDonald, Vice President of marketing at Icon. “We’re asking all women (those who leak, and those who don’t) to join the conversation. Because if #threeinthree of us start talking, there’s nothing left to shy away from. While one in three women may experience bladder leaks, three in three people have the power to change the conversation."



Print ads will appear in the New York Times, Houston Chronicle and other publications.

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