YouTube Launching 'Creative Suite' For Brands

Brands that buy advertising on YouTube will soon have a new set of tools at their disposal. 

At the Cannes Lions festival in France Wednesday, the Google-owned video platform announced a new product called the YouTube Creative Suite, which combines three new tools to test variations of ads and to measure their impact.

At the festival, Debbie Weinstein, managing director for YouTube & Video Solutions, said that the new suite was part of a “big bet” that YouTube is making this year on “improving the reporting, insights, and guidance YouTube provides on video creative.”

The creative suite includes “Video Experiments,” a testing tool that “works with brand lift measurement and allows you to measure the impact of creative on key metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent and more,” according to the company. 



“Video Creative Analytics” is designed to create reports on performance, bringing audience segmentation to retention reports. It will also allow marketers to annotate specific moments in video ads (such as a logo shot) and measure how many viewers of the ad saw that specific section.

“Director Mix” and Video Ad Sequencing” are intended to provide more flexibility in creative. Director Mix allows marketers to create multiple versions of a base video with swappable elements for text, logos, sound and more, customizing the videos to different contexts. Video Ad Sequencing lets brands tell stories through a series of ads shown in sequence or across multiple pieces of content.

YouTube says that brands like Kellogg’s are already testing out products like Director Mix, with 20th Century Fox among those that are experimenting with Video Ad Sequencing.

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