Cannes Diary: Confidence Building; The New Miss America; Live Music Makes You Sweat More

StrawberryFrog devoted a session at Cannes to confidence and success. Keys to confidence: control, passion, having clear priorities and utilizing available resources. 

@frogism is all about passion, of course. CEO Scott Goodson noted that the agency’s Jim Beam makeover based around the tagline, “Make History,” stood as a bold statement with a clear point of view. "Movements motivate people to try new things whereas advertising doesn't," he says.  

Which begs the question a lot of clients ask, what exactly does advertising do? 

Live Nation Entertainment told a Cannes crowd Friday that biometric research it conducted on fans attending live music events found that within moments into the start of a show, participants experienced an average 53% increase in emotional intensity as measured through galvanic skin response (in other words, sweat). 



"Emotion delivered through experiences can be a unifier" said Russell Wallach, Global President of Sponsorships, Live Nation, adding that the "live music ecosystem provides that opportunity for brands to get on the ground and understand how they can be culturally relevant and invest in the live music community.” 

The presentation ended with recording artist St. Vincent performing her song "Masseduction," while select members of the audience placed headbands on that measured their brain waves in real time. No word on rising sweat levels though. 

Sometimes you just can’t win. Gretchen Carlson, chairwoman of the Miss America board of directors, noted at a Cannes session the outcry after the organization said it was eliminating the swimsuit portion of the competition going forward. 

“You can't criticize us for years and then criticize us for taking it away," said Carlson, a former Miss America herself. She finds this scrutiny "highly sexist.” 

The organization will still keep evening attire category, but candidates are now able to wear whatever they choose, be it pants, dress or an evening gown. They won’t be judged on their bodies, but what they say, says Carlson.  

What does any of this have to with advertising? Well, the competition will air Sept. 9 on ABC TV. It still has advertising. Not as much as before “Roseanne” blew up, but still.  


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