Trump-Pence Campaign Asks For Funds To Combat Democrats' 'Media Machine'

There's an interesting direct-to-consumer media funding model emerging from the Trump-Pence campaign this week. In an email signed by Vice President Mike Pence, the campaign is promoting contributions by implying it will be used to offset the Democrats "media machine."

The email solicitation does not delineate specifically what the machine is, but presumably means the so-called "mainstream media" Trump and his supporters routinely attack as disseminating anti-Trump "fake news."

"But getting the truth past the liberal media filter takes a lot of work, and the President and I need your help to get it done," Pence's pitch continues, pushing hot buttons to kick-start donations.

Nowhere in the email solicitation does it actually disclose whether the funds would be used to counter media coverage.



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  1. Peter Rosenwald from Consult Partners, June 29, 2018 at 9:52 a.m.

    That Trump & Pence have reverted to the tried and true standard crowdfunding offer is hardly surprising. It's worked for republicans and democrats in the past so why change a good thing?

    That the solicitation is lacking in specifics - how the money will really be used - should be no surprise to the recipients. Trump and Pence have so far brilliantly managed to blur their policies and obfuscate their true intentions in every area. "Mainstream" has no discernible definition which is just what Trump & Pence want.

    Hell, the money may even be used for another giant portrait of POTUS, something the mainstream media might have had the good taste not to publish.  

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