Voice Assistants Extending Into Businesses

Voice-assistant technology is expanding into the business environment, according to a new forecast from Futuresource Consulting.

With 37 million smart speakers installed globally as of the end of 2017, it is predicted that 82 million professional AV displays and room control devices shipped will be voice-enabled by 2022. The estimate excludes dedicated consumer smart speakers in hospitality, healthcare and education.

“Much activity has been occurring within the consumer space around voice assistants and smart homes and this is translating into greater interest in the B2B space,stated Chris McIntyre-Brown, associate director at Futuresource Consulting.

In addition to Amazon leading in consumer smart speakers, it is building out its Alexa-for-Business suite with new features, such as integration with Microsoft Office 365 and partnering with companies including Cisco for office automation applications.

Businesses will continue to lag behind consumer adoption as most companies are in the evaluation stage of how to implement voice, according to Futuresource.

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